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Free deployment

MeadCo's tools and utilties are available free of charge, either wholly or as a subset of full functionality.

A subset of Zeepe functionality may be used free of charge for the creation of file based content served from the user's local hard disk. The free subset of Zeepe provides a super-set of Microsoft's HTA offering; cross domain access is allowed and controls marked as unsafe are allowed to run. The signed Zeepe installation files and deployment instructions are contained in the Zeepe SDK.

The following Zeepe features require a publishing license:

The use of the Zeepe framework to deliver applications from a web server always requires a publishing license.

Licensing is managed by MeadCo's address-bound Security Manager schema. Publishing license prices are available in the Pricing section.


We offer free licenses for development and evaluation, and have also introduced a new 'Application' license class for developers which licenses the distribution of individual Zeepe applications that are to be run locally (i.e. on a user's local file system) rather than being delivered from a web site.

The Developer licensing section has full details.